We believe that traditional buy-and-hold stock and bond investments do not adequately address investors needs in the current market environment.

From day one, Soaring Pelican has intentionally set out to be different. We knew that Investors did not need another traditional fund manager.

We strive to be different by...

  • Limiting Market Exposure
  • Trading Highly Liquid Markets Only
  • Applying A Robust Risk-Controlled Framework
  • Diversifying Across Multiple Trading Models

Ultimately we add value to our clients portfolios through an active mutli-strategy investment approach which has the ability to adapt to changing market conditions. Risk management is at the core of our investment process and protecting our clients’ money is paramount.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The potential for profit is accompanied by the risk of loss.

To see full details of our performance over the past 13 years, click HERE.