Since January, 2011 Soaring Pelican has offered an ‘all-weather” investment option, uncorrelated with most asset classes. We specialize in short term trading of the S&P futures.

The S&P Diversified Program

Our flagship program has a low correlation with stock market direction and focuses on creating a steady equity curve. This program utilizes zero overnight margin and excels in mid- to high levels of market volatility.

Overnight Advantage

The Overnight Advantage program is comprised of 2 unique systems that capitalize on the mean reverting nature of the S&P-500, and trade only in the direction of the underlying trend. While the methodology is relatively simple, it relies on the culmination of years of experience and systems trading in this market.

Blended Advantage

The Blended Advantage program is a multi-strategy multi-time frame approach designed to capture both intraday and overnight movements in the S&P-500.