The Brown Pelican (Pelecanus Occidentalis) is a majestic bird that can be found in various coastal areas of North America, and is particularly prevalent from British Colombia in the north down to northern Chile. It is from this bird that our program derives its name.

Sam Beckers, the founder of the Soaring Pelican programs, developed an affinity for the birds while spending time along the Pacific coast. It occured to Sam that there were similarities between the behavior of the Pelican in flight and his investment style. Pelicans are independent hunters and have an amazing ability to efficiently utilize the winds and waves of the coast to transport themselves. Often one can see them flying for hundreds of yards a few inches above the water without a single flap of the wing. Its the efficiency of the Soaring Pelican that we seek in our investing methodology.

Sam chose this bird as the namesake of the programs to align with his objective of managing programs that take flight and profit on the undulating nature of the markets. Dario Michalek and Sam Beckers have it their life's work to continually evolve toward a better understanding of the markets and attain returns that ride the waves of the markets while minimizing risk.